Copper look at this.

Lately I have developed a real penchant for rose gold and copper homewares. After my happy haul of grey and pink furnishings, I set about looking out for copper accessories to add to the colour palette in our bedroom.

I’d seen a few items dotted around some well-known high street shops, but nothing had really won me over. I did know that I wanted a copper light pendant and wall mirror to hang over the dressing table though and, after some standard late-night-in-bed-online-shopping, I bagged those and some other great finds so here they are!


This Bronze Effect Wire Origami Light Pendant from George Home. I love the geometric style and the patterns it casts across the room. Plus, because of the styling, the addition of a big retro bulb looks great and means you don’t have to compromise on lighting quality – obviously very important when doing make-up (no one wants an orange face now do they).

I found this Copper Framed Hexagonal Art-Deco Mirror from Hunky Dory Gifts on eBay for £24.99 – evidently so popular that it seems it’s now sold out. The shape compliments the triangular lines of the light pendant perfectly, adding another great touch to the geometric theme.

I was on such a roll I found myself drawn to any newlookcandleflash of
copper even when I wasn’t looking, so much so that when on a completely unrelated mission in New Look (clothes, obviously), I discovered a Rose Gold Rosemary & Mint Jar Candle for £6.99 (you can still purchase it from ASOS if you act fast). The colour is lovely with a speckled glass effect and the scent is an added bonus too.

Processed with Snapseed.

Meet the Coppers! I like how the metallic wording of the cushion is picked out now thanks to its new copper companions and the contrast is great when teamed with the grey. (FYI – the chevron photo frame was another item I unexpectedly swiped from Next because I fell in love with the colour and pattern, but I think it’s sold out now ☹).

Trinket treasures

Processed with Snapseed.Spurred on by my copper collecting, a spontaneous trip into TKMaxx one lunch-time resulted in more marvels – trinkets! Just £6.99 each, one is a quirky pear shape and the other boasts a cute copper hedgehog on the lid (anyone that knows me knows I love hedgehogs so obviously I squealed when I found this). Not only did they match perfectly but are great storage, especially for my 38,345 pairs of earrings and endless entanglement of necklaces.

As well as that little copper corner on my dresser, I’d also purchased a KORKEN jar and two VARDAGEN jars from IKEA for additional storage – great for cotton pads and make-up brushes, the latter of which obviously had to match too (OCD?) I found these Rose Gold Make-Up Brushes for £4.99 on eBay and with their pink ombre bristles and copper-effect handles, they match perfectly.brushesjars

Copper compliments

I was loving life with my ever-growing copper collection – can you tell? To compliment my Photo 20-09-2016, 17 47 51.jpgrecent finds I set my sights on some bedside lamps. I had already purchased two sets of Ladder Shelves from Matalan for £35 each and although originally advertised as bathroom storage, I slotted them either side of our headboard to use as bedside shelves. I love that they’re slightly different to the norm and because of their design they are great for displaying ornaments and accessories – more reason to keep buying more.

During a sporadic trip to B&M Home Stores with my best friend, Lian, we found these simple yet stylish copper lamps. They were ideal and looked great on the shelves, plus at £6.99 each were a real bargain! So I got two.

Processed with Snapseed.curtains

Next, I started searching online for bedroom curtains and stumbled across these Geometric Copper Voile Panels, available on Wayfair for £15.99 each from Tyrone’s Textiles. We’d bought a double-curtain pole, so the voile now hangs on the inner track, and our grey thermal curtains on the outer. I love the voile – it keeps the room bright because of the crisp white and the metallic print looks great when it catches the light.

And that’s my copper collection so far! Hopefully it’s inspired you and I’ve let you know about some of the gems out there – plus it’s always great for me to talk openly about my copper addiction. Our room is slowly coming together now but I’m still on the lookout for other items (always), so will update with more pictures once I have everything where it should be 🙂

Hope you like!


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