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The best way is grey.

So it seems I was a really bad blogger in November, because I didn’t actually blog. Oops! It wasn’t intentional; I just ended up being super busy at work and also had a lot going on just generally in life too because I am such a grown-up now. Teehee. But I’m back! Plus it’s my birthday in a couple of days and it’s also officially the month of Christmas which, let’s face it, is great news.

This isn’t a Christmas post though – sorry! But the next one will be (and probably the one after too). This one really just sets the scene for my Christmas-ness, mainly because I changed the colour theme of our living room and so obviously new Christmas-sy items then had to be (and still are being) purchased to match. For now though, here’s the story of how a spontaneous change-of-mind led to me repainting lots of things I own.

In our previous house, we had a small-ish living room that we decorated with a grey and mustard theme, complimented by rustic oak wood furniture. It worked really nicely in such a cosy space. We had a great charcoal sofa decorated with mustard cushions, two tall rustic oak bookshelves, and a lovely striped grey and mustard accent chair. Everything worked really nicely together and I littered the bookshelves with lots of ‘distressed’ style metal ornaments with wooden and mustard accessories.


When we moved to number Eleven however, we had a lot more space and because it’s a bungalow, it gave us a totally different layout to play with. The living room is a really different shape. It’s long, with a huge bay window and chimney breast. When we moved in, we positioned our once chunky looking charcoal sofa under the window and it immediately looked far too small – lost, actually. I thought it would be fine once I added the accent chair, but even that looked completely out of place – there was just so much empty space surrounding them.

photo-18-06-2016-20-49-26-1This is the only picture I have. I apologise for my half hung curtains and horrific cushion arrangement but the main point of the photo was to capture the not-so-stealth spying of my Mum’s westie, Harvey. #Cute.

But, you can see the amount of room left from the end of the sofa to the tiled floor in the corner. The armchair also looks lost – it was all just such a waste of space!

We’d been talking about getting a new sofa for a while (you’ll see the cushions were certainly on their way out). We really wanted more seating in general too and now we’d moved it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

We still wanted grey and thought a corner model would be great under the small window, so set about looking for a replacement. Enter this masterpiece!


This is the Demurez sofa (exotic I know) from Sofology. It’s amazing! It’s incredibly comfy and looks great in the room because it makes such amazing use of the space. Plus, me and Rob can stretch right out on it without even touching, a huge bonus when your boyfriend is 6’4.

It’s a slightly lighter grey than the previous sofa and once it was in, the dark curtains looked too harsh in contrast so we swapped them out with some light grey ones and matching cushions just to break up the tones. The accent chair was a casualty of the change too – unfortunately it no longer fit which meant most of my previous décor theme was out of the window. It wasn’t so bad though – losing the old colour scheme really highlighted the natural brightness of the room, so I felt that sticking to more neutral colours and textures like grey, white and wood would help compliment this.


There was a slight problem though – most of my ornaments were dark blacks, pewters, brash golds and mustard. This didn’t really match this new look I was going for, but replacing them all (ten shelves worth) would have cost a fortune!

photo-06-06-2016-21-02-47Here’s Harvey again, modelling one set of my shelves. As you can see, most of the items on there were quite dark so, after another eye-roll from Rob, I decided to paint them.

Floyd (you may have already met him on my About Me page), was the first to get a makeover. I bought Floyd after seeing him randomly on a shelf in TKMaxx. We have a few items in our home inspired by Mexico (we’re going for the fourth time next year) and Floyd is a decorative calavera sugar skull, reminiscent of those associated with Mexico’s Day of the Dead festival which I really admire. He was quite a brash gold originally, so I decided to turn him silver.


After Floyd, I went on to tackle plenty more of my ornaments and accessories, turning them greys, silvers and painting some of the wooden pieces white.


Eventually, and after letting them dry off for a day or so, I set about redressing my shelves and now absolutely love them!


The room is so much brighter now. There’s still a few things to tackle though; we recently put our TV on the wall and moved the sideboard from the hallway in to put underneath. The downside is now there are some wires on show (massive bugbear!) but we have a pretty cool idea for tackling them which should result in an eye-catching DIY feature, fingers crossed. After that, the only thing really left to do is find some lovely big white and grey cushions to squash all along our sofa (as well as buy the rest of my Christmas decorations), so hopefully I’ll be sharing some more updates soon!

Hope you like 🙂


2 thoughts on “The best way is grey.

  1. Brilliant as ever daughter dearest! Especially loving the photo with the ‘peeping westie’ 💖 As I am literally sitting in your lovely lounge I can guarantee the Christmas blog will be a good one!! 🎄👌🏻 Xxx


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