Festive Feels

IT’S HEEEEEERE. Well nearly, 5 sleeps to be precise, but I have the festive feels and believe we should all just admit it is Christmas now.

This is our first Christmas at number Eleven, and I have gone wild. To be fair I could have been wilder but thought better to reign in my uncontrollable decoration shopping for now. This way, I can add more and more items each year in a way so subtle that Rob doesn’t actually realise until he’s practically sat in a grotto.

I have loved, LOVED, shopping for Christmas decorations this year. We changed it up slightly – for the last two years we’ve had real trees, and although lovely and beautiful and elegant, the pine needles aren’t half a pain. Literally. I still sometimes find the needles from the last tree in the house now, which is pretty spectacular considering it wasn’t even this house the tree was in.

Because of that and the incredible clean-up that follows, this year we opted for an artificial tree, that actually evolved into two artificial trees. My intention was one, but I found a magnificent 7ft, snow-tipped masterpiece in Homebase, for just £30!!!!!!! (I kid you not). I got that excited that I got two and then made Rob carry them.

He’s a good egg.

We wanted one tree in the living room and one in the kitchen. The one in the living room would play host to white, grey and silver decorations so it matched the existing décor, whereas the one in the kitchen would be copper, black and white. The only problem was that I had absolutely nothing to resemble either one of these colour schemes – all my old decorations were a pale gold.

Not to worry though, after about 27 sporadic trips to pretty much all the shops ever, I managed to find all sorts of lovelies, including some almost gatsby-style black and gold decorations for our hallway. Have a look below! 🙂





Living Room


Excuse the chaos around the tree, we were also trying to mount a TV at the same time because apparently we really love multi-tasking.
Pretty decorations!
Our tree! I love it 🙂 We already had the crate but decided it would make a great rustic present box underneath (Rob’s idea actually).
Other Christmas additions. Terrence the T-Rex is a permanent guest in the house and is available from Jachs – he’s loving his Christmas candle as you can tell. The miniature tree is from Tesco, the large star from Matalan and the garland and wire lights from The Range.
The star in the bay! Only £10 from Asda and the artificial festive branches were £3.50 each from Sainsbury’s.




My copper Christmas haul.



Tah-dah! I love these colours together 🙂
I found some lovely items for the centre of the table too. The tablecloth is B&M, the runner is actually cut from a silver patterned organza roll from The Range, the stars are from Wilkos and the tree candle from Asda.
I found these aztec-style patterned lantern lights in Primark – they’re quite different but the black and white print goes perfectly with the kitchen and tree decor.

And that’s that! I love that we have two trees, I just need to figure out where I could potentially get in a third for next year…

For the big day itself, I’m planning on going all out when it comes to dressing the table – charger plates and everything! So I’ll be back to let you know what I’ve found and how it all looks 🙂

Hope you like!


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