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Doggy decor & #RalphTheGSD

So, after what has been a very long, unintentional break from blogging, I have returned! I’m actually very disappointed in myself for not doing one sooner to be honest as I absolutely love doing these. I love writing and I love talking about home decor. 

However, there is a reason for my break – or reasons I should say as there have been several. But, the biggest is that we have a new member of the family.

You may have previously noticed on my ‘About Me’ page (if you’ve read it), I said we were hoping for the pitter-patter of tiny paws. (I also said I was 26 which is no longer true, so consider that less interesting fact woefully updated.  In fact it will need updating again in a few months. Typical).

WELL. We did have the pitter-patter of paws, but they definitely weren’t tiny. In fact they were huge, clumsy, lovely warm pads attached to the wonderfully fluffy legs of our beautiful, sable German Shepherd Dog, Ralph.



Ralph has just turned 6 months old and thankfully hasn’t lived up to the persona of Wreck-It Ralph just yet. As you can imagine though, taking on a puppy means any new interior and decorating plans go completely out of the window.


We bought a crate for Ralph so he has his own little quiet space and while he’s young it keeps him safe from any mischief or harm if we aren’t around to watch him. Because he is huge though, the crate is too so it’s quite imposing and has changed our layout a bit. He also has quite a random liking to some of my ornaments and will happily pick them up from the shelf and move them to the carpet on occasion. Maybe it’s some sort of new feng-shui I’m not attuned with.

Cushions, depending on his mood, can be violently shaken to death or if he’s going through a bit of a ‘phase’ (wink, wink) he will practically light some candles, turn up the Marvin Gaye and get right down to business with them.

FullSizeRender (3)He has a tendency to think he’s Lord of the Manor and will stand with both paws on our bay windowsill with his head nestled in the jug of faux plant stems too. He even does his bit around the house and demonstrates how much better they look arranged in his mouth.

We are besotted with him though and often wonder what we actually did with our lives before he took over. Since getting him, I have become obsessed with dog-themed decor too – there’s so much of it! I think it’s brilliant. He is an intrinsic part of the famalam now and I think it’s only right that our home reflects him as much as it does us.

I have a couple of items already considered official doggy-decor but to be honest the list of things I actually plan to get is as long as Ralph’s tail.

As mentioned, his crate is huge and does borrow a fair bit of space, so I am all about utilising it in our home in a way that makes it a functional piece of feature furniture (whoa, alliteration). Below are some amazing creations from other clever souls that I’ve seen. I think I want something sliiiiightly different with an element of storage if possible, but these are still fabulous ideas:

This amazing creation from Jenny Froh


These from


This from B & B Kustom Kennels which, although very much out of my price range, is incredible!


These brilliant works of interior art have really got me thinking and of course when our project commences, I’ll be documenting and updating on here. That means you can witness the struggle and (hopefully positive) end result, with Ralph having a lovely, safe den he can come and go in as he pleases.

Another thing we want to work on is the room between the house and garage. Ralph loves this room because it’s always cool – his double coat is coming in and it only has to be slightly warm for him to turn star-fish like on our cold floor tiles.


Our plan here is to turn it into a a bit of a doggy-den; a space he can use freely and also add a bit of high shelf-storage for his vital possessions like toys, travel bowls, towels and dry snacks etc.

To start, I’ve already found probably the least important part but even so. This fabulous rack of hooks was the last one in my local Homesense (fate) and is currently fixed to the wall of this room by the back door.


It hangs all his leads and collars for now, so is really handy for keeping them out of a certain four-legged friend’s mouth. Plus, the little chrome Shepherd heads are like miniature Ralph-moulds (aside from the erect ears which Ralph is yet to sport permanently. If he stands right side of the wind though, the resemblance is uncanny).

More recently, I spotted this beautiful print from Fifi + Pascale on their Instagram page. All of their creations are fantastically edgy and unique and I absolutely fell in love with their dog-head designs.


Before I left my previous job in September, I was showcasing their wonderful work to my colleagues – only for them to surprise me with the print as my leaving present! They are cuties.

At the moment it’s propped over Ralph’s sleeping area but once his crate has been re-fashioned and moved, it will hang pride of place above it. I think he likes it, personally.


Make sure you head over to Fifi + Pascale’s website and Instagram – they have amazing home accessories tailored to different pets which are brilliant and stylishly quirky. I’ve already got my eye on the German Shepherd wagging-tail clock.

Although it’s not much so far, I have plentyyyyy of other things in mind and I’ll be posting items I find on my Insta before publishing a follow-up blog.

Before then though, I have a gazillion photos from our Mexico trip to Moon Palace where I saw some of the most amazing interiors ever! So another blog to follow there too.

Have you incorporated any special decor for your furry companions? If so let me know – I love looking at what other people have done in their home for their pets 🙂

Bye for now,


One thought on “Doggy decor & #RalphTheGSD

  1. Fabulous blog as ever Emma! Made me chuckle a lot especially as I have witnessed with my own eyes the ‘ornament arranging’ hahaaa! Cheeky pup! 😉 xx


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