About me.


I’m Emma. I’m 27 (nearly 28, waaah) and I live in Lincoln with my very tall, bearded companion, Rob and my slightly more hairy, German Shepherd dog, Ralph. paw-print

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Here we are! Look at that beard.

I like travelling, eating (especially if it’s not me cooking), being by the sea, making crafty things, the outdoors, drawing, playing with make-up, planning parties, all the dogs in the world, writing, and buying weird and wonderful things for our bungalow.

This blog is a result of my love for those last two things (although a blog of nothing but cute dogs would surely be fantastic too?)

For now though, I write about the ever-entertaining journey of styling our bungalow, both inside and out. This isn’t because I feel like you need to know how indecisive I am when it comes to the correct shade of grey (I love grey), chevron patterns or the angle at which to display a vase, but because I love writing and interiors. Combining the two means I can have a whale of time buying nice things and then talking about them, as well as things I’m inspired by and ideas I have which hopefully might inspire you!*

*There are pictures; it’s not just my endless keyboard ramblings.

Our heaven at No.11

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This is Floyd!

We moved into our single-storey home in April 2016. We actually rent the house from a marvellous couple – my best friend’s parents – who completely renovated it to a standard we could only dream of and we will be forever grateful. ❤

Now, we’re putting our stamp on it and you’ll see I like to change my mind a lot (Rob loves this). But who doesn’t?! I do, however, have a long-standing love affair with statement clocks, typography prints, copper accessories, geometric patterns, mismatching ornaments, and anything with a stag design on it. Recently, Worryingly, I have a growing love for skulls too. By skulls I mean prints, ornaments and patterns, NOT actual human remains.

That would be awful.

I find things all over the place really – eBay, outlets, discount shops and high street chains, but I also find things at Jachs, a local furniture and home accessories shop my Dad and his partner own. The stock is an ever-changing mix of new products from well-known brands littered amongst more rare and eclectic pieces, as well as my Dad’s own up-cycled furniture range, EmBe (sneak a look at their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).


What’s in a name?

You might be wondering why the blog is called Eleven & Elm. Eleven is simply my house number. Ta-dah! Sorry if you were hoping for a more glamourous, fabulously-cool idea.

The reason for Elm is less obvious – because it’s me! Well, it’s my initials, but seeing them written out seems to give people an urge to call me it. Obviously it’s a tree too and because I like the outdoors that seemed fitting. Plus, alliteration!

So, Eleven & Elm really just means my house and me. And that’s really all there is to it! I hope you enjoy reading, and feel free to let me know your thoughts and ideas too  🙂